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September Elections Candidate Nominations NOW Open

25 25th August 2017 General
Home News September Elections Candidate Nominations NOW Open



Dear Member Organisations,

Committee Elections

The time has come for elections of SDCPPN representatives to Strategic Policy Committees (SPC), Joint Policing Committees (JPC), Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) as current representatives’ terms will come to an end this November 2017. The reason for the necessity to elect members before November lies in the ratification process of new PPN reps within the County Council. All elected reps must be named 14 days prior to a Full County Council meeting. The next full council meeting is on 16 October 2017, with no subsequent County Council meeting until January. If PPN Reps are not elected and named by 29th September, they will not be ratified at the October county Council meeting. In the event that reps are not named and ratified they will miss SPC/JPC/LCDC meetings in January. As we know, there are generally only 4 SPC meetings per annum, if the SDCPPN are unrepresented then the functionality and effectiveness of the SDCPPN is negatively impacted which has led us to the necessity to hold election at this time.

Due to recent elections of our Social Inclusion Housing SPC rep and our Social Inclusion Social & Community that took place in June, their terms will end in June 2020. Since the new SDCPPN Election Process was ratified at the Plenary in March 2017 we must now adhere to the new election process and elected representatives must adhere to the Representatives Charter which was also ratified at the March 2017 Plenary. Your organisation have been sent a detailed email with the relevant documents attached for your attention. Please see said email and follow the guidelines on the nominations form and make sure nominated representatives can commit to the role as per the Representatives Charter. In adherence with the new Election Process, representatives must be voted onto respective committees via a linkage group meeting. I have developed a schedule during mid-September where linkage groups will convene in order to elect representatives. Please note, the LCDC election must take place at the Plenary on 28th September (please see separate email containing information regarding the Plenary).

Timeline for Elections Process

Open Nominations – 25th August

Close Nominations – 8th September (mandatory two week period)

Elections at Linkage Group Meetings – 11-18th September (allows for full representation and ample time)

Notification of Elected Reps – 2nd October – Rep names must be placed on Council Meeting Agenda 14 prior to meeting

Council Meeting – 16th October – ratification of new reps by Council

Nominations must come from the relevant Pillars, however, with the exception of the LCDD voting process, organisations can be a member of any linkage group and cast a vote irrespective of their pillar grouping. For instance, a Housing SPC community pillar seat must be elected during a linkage group meeting, but any pillar can vote for the nominee sine members from any pillar can be on the any linkage group. This lends to a more inclusive process. The candidates must be nominated through the correct nominations procedure. All candidates will be asked to speak at the linkage group election after which the secret ballot can take place. This acts as an information session to aid voters in casting their votes. Candidates will be asked to respond to these three questions:

  1. What is your understanding of the PPN? 
  2. What credentials do you possess which makes you a good candidate to fulfil the required role? 
  3. What is your understanding of the role of an SPC?

Please see the listings below which outline the representative seats we are required to fill through elections, the election schedules and election process.

Arts, Culture Gaeilge, Heritage & Libraries SPC

Community & Voluntary – Number of seats: 1

Economic Development, Enterprise & Tourism SPC

Community & Voluntary – Number of seats: 1

Environment, Public Realm & Climate Change

Environment – Number of seats: 1

Housing SPC

Community & Voluntary – Number of seats: 1

Joint Policing Committee (JPC)

Community & Voluntary – Number of seats: 2

Social Inclusion – Number of seats: 2

LCDC – **election to be held at the Plenary**

Community & Voluntary – Number of seats: 2

Social Inclusion – Number of seats: 2

Environment – Number of seats: 1

Linkage Group Election Schedule – **Location of all linkage group meetings is at the below address, on the ground floor, in the HSE boardroom**

HSE Boardroom, County Hall, Block 3, Ground Floor, Belgard Square North, Tallaght, Dublin 24


Arts, Culture Gaeilge, Heritage & Libraries SPC – 18:30-19:30pm

Economic Development, Enterprise & Tourism SPC  – 19:30-20:30pm


Environment, Public Realm and Climate Change SPC – 18:30-19:30pm

Social and Community SPC – 19:30-20:30pm


Land Use, Transportation and Planning SPC – 18:30-19:30pm

Joint Policing Committee – 19:30-20:30pm


Housing SPC – 18:30-19:30pm

South Dublin County Sports Partnership – 19:30-20:30pm

NOTE: It is very important that respective nominees can adhere to the ratified Representatives Charter. 

NOTE: Reps may only hold ONE seat.

Nominations should be sent via email to , or by post to the address shown below.

If you are interested in sitting on any committee as a PPN representative please send in your nominations notification using the  official nomination form  by 5pm Friday 22nd @ 17:00pm which is the official closing date/time for nominations for the required seats.

Kind regards,

Sam Dunne, SDCPPN Co-ordinator

South Dublin County PPN

County Hall,

Block 3,

4th Floor,

Belgard Square North,


Dublin 24

D24 YNN5


01 462 5222

086 170 1141