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What kind of Dublin do you want in 2040?

3 3rd March 2017 Consultation
Home News What kind of Dublin do you want in 2040?

National Planning Framework

The Government is in the process of preparing a National Planning Framework (NPF), replacing the National Spatial Strategy which was suspended in 2011. This is a really important document as the NPF will shape the future of Ireland for a number of generations.

Dublin City, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin County PPNs are working together to develop a submission on behalf of PPN Members across the county.

We are asking for your views to help advise this process.

Why is it so important?

The National Planning Framework will guide decisions on how we develop as a country, where housing, jobs, schools, leisure facilities, transport and other infrastructure will be located and where resources will be focused.

The future development of the Greater Dublin area is also linked to this NPF. We all now have an opportunity to put forward our views as to how we see the development of Dublin being shaped and what type of resources we see as being necessary for the creation of a living city, sustainable communities, the provision of adequate and integrated facilities, where and how we will live, work and play.

Key Issues

  • The population of Ireland is expected to increase by more than three-quarters of a million people to around 5.6 million, but could be higher.
  • The number of people over the age of 65 will double to be well over one million.
  • The average number of people per occupied household, i.e. average household size, is likely to reduce to around 2 people per dwelling (it is currently around 2.7).
  • Our impact on the environment will need to be reduced to ensure our supply of clean air and water, protect biodiversity and our natural habitats and protect our built environment, transport and infrastructure from more extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

What do we want from you?

We need to hear your voices on how our capital city can develop and grow while integrating new communities, allowing for planned growth and social and amenity provision that is inclusive, dynamic and sustainable.

Much of what is in the position paper from the Government is interesting. But the case for urban development and the importance of Dublin as the engine of the economy and a capital city that is diverse needs to be made more effectively. Dublin has significant challenges that need addressing.

This case can only be made by the people who all share Dublin as their home.

The deadline for this survey is 12 noon on Monday 13th March 2017.